Muddy water

I'm walking alone on a paved road up a modest incline toward a cluster of buildings that seem to be part of some kind of tourist trap. There's some commotion up near the entrance to one of the buildings. Turns out some older lady was looking for a restroom and saw a handwritten sign (what it said, I don't know) taped to a door, and alerted the staff, which started this whole complicated process (that was condensed into just a few seconds in the dream) in which a construction crew came out and started demolishing/renovating, and a sinkhole formed and there's lots of confusion about how exactly that happened.

I kind of wander around and observe for a while, but I keep walking, and I realize that there's a big brown lake (see fig. 1 for the color brown) that people are snorkeling in. Families, single people, lots of people, just diving into and wading around in this opaque nasty brown mess. I wonder what they could possibly see beneath the surface of the water.



I'm making my way through an old house. It's large and filthy, and has the distinct feeling to it that it's been through some sort of natural disaster. The carpet feels formerly waterlogged, the walls dingy, and as though they're now parched. There are lots of kitchens. None of them come equipped with appliances, oddly, and all of them feature strange and varied layouts. The surfaces inside every room are coated in black dust. There are computer towers sitting around scattershot. I am surprised and kind of freaked out when I realize that they are plugged in and running. I can see their tiny green lights peeking out from beneath the caked-on black dust.

There's some kind of computer hooked up to an outlet that has begun sparking periodically. I try to call everyone's attention to it (though I can't exactly tell who I'm talking to). There is an older guy there — my brain wants to think of him as Mel freaking Gibson, oddly — and he reaches for the plug and it shocks him. He flinches, but I suppose he figures he can take the pain, because he does it again, and when he really grips it and yanks it out of the wall, a big yellow band of electric current zig-zags its way around his person and I start freaking out and trying to find a phone to call 911. My mom picks up and starts trying to have a light-hearted conversation about my sister. And I'm terrified that we've got a dying man on our hands: "Mom! MEL JUST GOT ELECTROCUTED and I'm trying to call 911!"

I don't know if Mel ever recovered because I woke up.


I knew this was coming

Last night I dreamed that I wrecked the new car. I did some stupid/fancy driving and ended up plowing the back end into a door or something (no idea how I did that). And lo there was much humiliation.


Nope, no symbolism in this one at all

I take off walking down the road, away from home. The road is open and bustling, and there's stuff happening everywhere around me. Suddenly the sky gets choked with clouds and it gets dark and rain starts falling and soaking me from the top down.

I turn around and head toward home.

Michelle Duggar in training

Last night I dreamed that I got a text from Ashley that said, simply: "luke plus new luke," and then another one right after it that said, "this summer."

I was incredulous and amazed, and tried to do the nine-month math in my head. Sure enough, if she and JD had gotten busy the week Luke was born in late November (!!!), they could have put a bun in the oven that would be ready by late August.


I called Ashley to congratulate her and share my WTF reaction. "What are you going to do?" I asked, sort of half implying that if she didn't want another baby right away (which I sensed she didn't, because she already had her hands full with a newborn), she didn't have to continue with the pregnancy. (I'm sure this was my brain's way of getting me to contribute to Blog for Choice Day 2008, right?) She was like, "What do you mean, what am I going to do?!" I felt like an asshole, and then steered the conversation in a what-are-you-going-to-do-for-childcare-while-you're-pregnant direction. Phew.

Bait and switch

I'm not going to get into the specifics of my dream night before last, because it's hardly SFW, but I just want to put this question out there: How much does it suck when you fall asleep while thinking warm, fuzzy, sexy thoughts about someone you like and then you end up dreaming a weird, awkward sex dream involving someone who repulses you? I mean, no fair.