I was in downtown Corinth, and thre was some kind of event going that everyone was flocking to. I was uninterested, and really just wanted to go home and make some ramen. As I walked toward my house, a bigass storm blew up out of nowhere and hovered right on the edge of the historic area, threatening to wreak havoc. Big, bruise-colored clouds, eerie wind, etc. And since I'm terrified of that kind of storm, I started hauling ass. But there was a big swimming pool in the middle of the street. And since I guess it made more sense to me at the time to swim it instead of simply running around it, I jumped in. While madly doing the butterfly stroke across the pool (the butterfly being my least strongest stroke), my pants and underwear came off. I looked behind me, and the pool had become ridiculously huge and the clothes were floating too far away for me to go after them. I reached the end of the pool, jumped out, and ran toward my house. The storm disappeared. People walking by gave me dirty looks and mumbled under their breath, obviously disapproving of my lack of skivvies. *weird dreamy lapse in time* I'm fully clothed and driving toward Savannah. I get a call on my cell phone, and it's a woman at the TennTucky wanting me to approve a $200 purchase on my debit card. I tell her I'm not even at the station, and she tells me that my husband is. Then she asks me to verify that my name is Jessica Barrier Brown, at which point I start screaming to call the cops because someone has stolen my cousin's debit card and is attempting a $200 fraud. I'm suddenly at TennTucky, and this really fat, unattractive redneck is the one with the card but he's threatening to beat me up if I call Jessie and tell her her card's been stolen. Tamara's working behind the counter and saying she can't do anything about it but maybe we should go cruise around in Pickwick. I decide this is a good idea and we go to Freddy T's for sushi and then bump into that Keenan girl we knew in high school. She's turned black. Like, she has literally become a black woman. We chat for a few minutes and she walks away. Tamara sighs and says she always loved Keenan's car.

That's all I remember.


palm tree said...

I always did love Keenan's car. Ah, Eclipses.

I can't believe you dreamt of the TennTucky! That's hysterical!

We're so crusing Pickwick the next time I'm in Tennessee.

sarah saint said...

I'm just amazed that my dreaming self remembered your fondness for her car. I haven't thought about her in years.

And the TennTucky! I don't even go there when I am in Savannah.

Have you ever eaten at Cafe St. Clair in Pickwick? Well, it's actually right across the state line into MS, but whatever. It's awesome!

palm tree said...

I have not eaten there. But I did try a spinach ball at a surprise party right across the Mississippi state line once, and then gagged when I discovered it contained sausage. Does that count?

sarah saint said...

No. No, I don't think so.

Speaking of the next time yuo're in Tennessee, will that be this year?

palm tree said...

I'm going to say that's a negative, Blue Team Leader.

But soon.

You need to come to Buffalo, homechiclet.