I need to stop wearing smoking patches while asleep

A large black man is making sweet love to me in the church rectory. (Hey-o!)

There's liquorice whips, a contraption that suspends lovers in mid-air and a cartoonishly oversized black dildo that looks as if it could possibly impale my esophagus.

"Quickly now, cracker," the large black man says, "once Father O' Nan comes back from the Food Lion, it's all over but the shoutin.'"


theogeo said...

Your tag is cracking me up.

You brain is a strange and magical land, cracker.

Tangential said...

I thought he was onto something with the title when I read it. Really, it sounds like something about a craving for a cigarette.

Hurry and put it out before someone who wants you to quit smoking comes back!