Good aim

I'm at a gun range with a friend of mine. Said friend has taken me to a gun range before in real life where I performed rather poorly.

This time, I'm hitting the high point areas of the target repeatedly. I'm shooting through some of the same holes, enlarging the rip in the paper, with a very sleek .45. My friend is thoroughly impressed.

He offers at one point to help me with some of my aiming. I take another few shots that hit the target in close to the same spot every time. There's a gaping hole to the left side showing I don't need any help.

"Nah," I reply. "I think I'm doing just fine." I grin and empty the clip.

I think I already know what's going on with this dream. I had been wondering for the past few days if I should trust my instincts on my evaluation of this friend or consider that maybe I've misjudged him. My subconscious apparently thinks I'm right on target.

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