Que hora es?

I'm standing on my parent's porch from their previous home. It's wintery and I'm talking to a girl that I don't know in real life, but am in a relationship with in m dream. I can't recall her face, but she's wearing a dark colored peacoat and a fuzzy scarf with red and gray stripes. We're saying our goodbyes...possibly after a date. I catch myself saying something that seems out of the ordinary for me and question whether or not I might be dreaming. I turn to see what time it is and have a hard time reading the red digits on the alarm clock. It's 10:48...no, it's 49...no...the numbers keep changing. I can't seem to keep the clock in focus. Before long I can make out that it's after 11 and the numbers just keep ascending. I tell myself "Now, I know I'm dreaming." as I recall the whole not being able to read time thing in Waking Life.
I wake up and look around my room. It's my bedroom from the house before the other house. I still can't see what time it is and it's starting to freak me out. I feel like I want to wake up now that I know I'm dreaming. My mom is walking around with a basket full of laundry. She sits down on the edge of the bed and we begin talking. She asks me a question and my response startles me. I try to explain to her that it's normal because I'm dreaming. I explain that I know I'm dreaming because I can't see what time it is. I ask her for the time and she looks astounded when she can't focus on the clock.

Then I wake up. For real. At least I hope. I'm looking at a clock right now and it isn't dancing around.

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