Killer kittens

I was at work, or working someplace with a lot of my colleagues. I don't recall now what we were doing, but it was something time-sensitive.

And then, at some point, we were in a kitchen. I opened the freezer and saw it was full of a bunch of live, bloodied, fighting, rabid kittens. I took one out, but I don't remember why. Maybe because there were a bunch of scary ass kittens in the freezer and I was curious?

But it immediately starting scratching and biting me. It was basically trying to kill me, but it was a kitten so it hurt but it wasn't like being mauled by a lion. I decided to put it back in the freezer, but instead of putting it back with the pile of other killer kittens, who were on the right side of the freezer, I put it on the left. On top of the ice cube trays and a frozen pizza. I was afraid of smooshing it when I shut the door, so I tried to push its arms out of the way and get it situated in there. It kept scratching and biting at me, though. Its claws were like needles on my skin, the way kittens' claws usually are. Except more murderous.

Finally, it laid its head down on its outstretched arm and went to sleep, and I could move it so it wouldn't get squashed when I shut the door. It was a little brownish-black tabby, with some silver in it. It was cute. But murderous. So I shut the freezer door and went back to what I was doing.