Return to AHMC

I am back at AHMC, and I am nervous as hell. Al leans in my face and says, "How's it going, Uncle Tamara?" I am nervous again. Something's wrong that I can't fix and need to keep everyone from finding out. A sick knot of anxiety sinks into my stomach. I am at the back desk under a flourescent light next to Ericka. Everything I say she is discounting, attacking, and being snarky about. She is deliberately antagonizing me, like a cat staking its territorial claim. Al walks back by and says, "What's new, Flash?" I reply, "I don't know, Al, I guess I'm just realizing that some things never change."


theogeo said...

Can I call you Uncle Tamara now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Al did. But he called everybody Uncle. Uncle Danny, Uncle Heather, Uncle Tamara. I should put that in the BOL! He said, "Crap on a Jap" a lot, too, but I think I'll leave that one out. :)