Color-changing fun

I don't remember much of the dream except for the encounter with the lizard.

I'm back at my childhood home looking out the dining room window at a back yard full of palm trees, which aren't there in real life. On the tree closest to the window is a gigantic lizard that has changed color to blend in.

It doesn't quite look like a chameleon. It's more like a cross between a gila monster and an iguana, but it's freaking huge. It's massive. The thing is somehow perched along one of the leaves and its tail extends back to wrap around the trunk of the tree. In my estimation, it's about 8 feet long.

Somehow, the trees are changing color a little bit and unmasking the lizard. This is how I first noticed it. I start watching it blend back into its surroundings when a sense of foreboding comes over me. This lizard is a wretched monster, I realize.

I call over some people (I think a few were family members) and show them the lizard. "We have to get rid of this," I tell them. Their concern mirrors mine. The monster moves and stares at us. We freeze in fear, watching for its next move.

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