Not Just a Game

(I had while sleeping at a Rest Area on the drive back up from Tennessee to New York): I am with a group of people in an office building and we have decided to play a Game. It comes in a box, and once you open it you are bound to the rules - no cheating - which basically confines us to the building we opened the box in. You can't leave until the game is finished. We are running around and playing the game jovially with the miniature robots that come in the box. Apparently the game consists of frolicking about and challenging the robots with trivia and answering when they challenge us. Suddenly a woman bursts into the room I'm in and says, "They aren't losing," with such finality and doom that I realize that we're going to die because of it. I turn to see the little robots shooting lasers at their human opponents, and random bodies flying through the air and exploding. I make for the exit, panicking, but a voice suddenly says, "No cheating." That's when I realize that the no leaving part is what ends the game - everyone must stay present so everyone involved can be killed. Once everyone is killed the robots will return to their box and the game will be over. If someone leaves the robots will unleash a death spree on the unwitting public. I resign myself to my fate and lock myself in a room with others to wait. Then it becomes a refugee situation, as if we have been in that room for years. Three naked men with pot bellies choose from the group of females to be that day's sexual partner. A large, swarthy man chooses me. I am numb to it by this point.

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