Always unprepared

The first dream involved the other side of a long-distance relationship finally getting his ass in my general vicinity. He finally comes to see me and my place is packed with people I keep trying to get rid of. I tell them all that he's coming to see me and they need to go away.

He arrives. They're still everywhere. I'm not ready for him to be here, but I do my best not to show it as I continue to try to shoo people away.

Somewhere in there, we're in a park sitting in this bench contraption that forms a square with two other people, one of whom is one of my bosses. The boss and my guest start up a conversation while I notice my guest has very strange feet. His toes are incredibly short and stumpy even though the size of his foot is normal. It's like his toes had to be cut from the slab of flesh at the end of his foot.

The boss ignores me completely and I wonder if anyone notices I haven't even taken a shower.


The second dream involved traveling to Europe with a group of people including my mother and a certain person of interest I can't seem to get out of my head. The person, we'll call T, is leading the group around a tour of Germany and keeps looking to make sure I'm right there with him.

I realize I forgot my watch even though we had been explicitly told before the trip started that we would need to bring one.

Then, I realize I forgot my camera. My mother begins to gripe at me that I should have taken more time to pack since I forgot two essentials of travel. This makes me wonder if I remembered to get my suitcase at the airport when we landed. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Meanwhile, T keeps coming by and tapping me on the shoulder to get me to pay attention when the group moves.

I try to stay lighthearted on the outside and pretend I don't feel like a complete moron or worry that I'm disappointing him.

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