Attack cats

I am hanging out with my friend T at his place, which is not his place in real life at all, but some sort of dingy, creepy, dark dream place that makes me uncomfortable. He has three cats (again, not in real life) and as I'm sitting on the floor, they are creeping nearer to inspect me.

One of them -- a dark grey beauty -- reaches out and just thwacks at me, for no reason. I've done nothing to instigate it. Its claws make contact and scratch me, catching on my clothes. The others get closer and more aggressive, and the grey cat continues reaching out methodically with the same paw, scratching me aggressively.

I yell to T that his cats are attacking me and think to myself how pathetic must a person be to get attacked by cats?


Anonymous said...

I bet Jack and Sally were clawing the crap out of you in your sleep.

theogeo said...

They're not allowed in the bedroom at night. Which can only mean some other beast was clawing at me. YIKES.