Overly friendly

I have apparently gone to visit my friend James* in the UK. He is living in a huge house that is absolutely bustling with people. Diverse people, in and out, through every room, so much so that we find ourselves unable to procure any place in the house where we can be alone to catch up. Everywhere we go, someone is watching. Even when we go into the bathroom, I realize that the damn door has windows in it for some reason.

I see Fritz asleep on the staircase in what looks to be an incredibly uncomfortable position. I ask James if there's no better place where Fritz can go to sleep, like maybe James' bed, and he hesitates and tells me that even his own bed is in a high-traffic area.

James tells me that it's always like this in the house. People he doesn't know sleeping in beds in shifts, rotating out, lying around on couches and floors, crap piled everywhere. It freaks me out. I ask him how he can live like that, thinking to myself how much I cherish the solitude of my little apartment. He mostly shrugs it off, though I can tell he doesn't exactly love it either, but perhaps has no other choice.

He leans in to kiss me, and I kiss back, except he won't remove his tongue from my mouth, even when I make the "I'm pulling back" head motion/lip tightening action. I keep kissing him, thinking he must just be really into it, or maybe this is a new style of kissing in which you can't breathe or move, but his damned tongue is just a slab of concrete in my mouth, and I find myself really confused by his sudden inability to kiss well.

*Name kind of changed to protect the dream innocent

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