Agustus Gloop

I'm back in school at what I guess is the local university since I know I'm still in town. At the beginning, I sat in a lecture that was pretty nondescript although the seating was much like an arena rather than a regular classroom. Those lovely desks with the desk part you have to swing up after you sit down were arranged in a circle around a dais.

After that, I walk with a few people who are talking about classes they have and when they're going to exercise. At this point, I realize I'm wearing clothes for cooler weather to disguise how fat I'm getting.

I also realize I don't know my way around this university and the people I've been tagging along with are annoyed I'm there. I drop back as they walk away and wonder to myself how I'm going to get through this year.

Later, I see one of the members of that group I had walked with running in a race through an area with which I'm familiar. I think to myself that I could easily go run out there and not feel so fat any more. Happily, I go to the lecture hall.

At first I sit one desk away from a chick who immediately rolls her eyes and says "oh great ..."

"Fine," I say and move one row back. As I'm sitting there, I unwrap chocolates I have brought with me and eat them. Every time I unwrap one, people nearby turn and throw annoyed looks at me.

The chocolates are soft and I'm licking my fingers in between eating them as I scribble a few notes and generally don't pay attention to the lecture. After a few chocolates, I'm keenly aware of just how fat I am and how much people around me hate me.

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