Can I take comp time for this one?

We are toiling in a great, churning factory of a workplace. We're making newspapers and I'm in the weeds, falling behind and getting into deadline trouble. There's a big tour group there, watching us work. My family is there too. They are all wondering how the heck we do what we do. I'm also supposed to be managing a group of workers. I stand to make an announcement and one of my team members is laughing and having a grand time without paying attention to me. She's disruptive and I say something snippy about how they need to listen up before I get pissed off. I instantly know it was an amateur thing to say and I can tell I've lost the crowd.

As I go back to work and talk about what I'm doing, I can tell that people are leaving. I've turned them off.

And older gentleman comes up to me and tells me he really admires what I do, but that he has one piece of advice. Don't yell at your staff in front of other people. My ego is feeling sore so I don't appreciate the advice but I know he is right.

I take off to try to find a more private place to work but this giant churning place is full of people and every nook and cranny is occupied. It feels like a train station. I can't find anywhere to go so I head back to my original workspace.

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