Hazy Recall

This one is rather hazy. I dreamt I was with a group, but I was there in competition with them, as if we were all going for the same job or something. There was a large bus that resembled a school bus, but something was different. The sun was scorching and everything had that bronzed, desert look to it. At some point I fancied that I had the upper hand in the situation and quickly set about loading my luggage into a car, clearly thinking, "I'll make this stuff fit!"

I forgot a great deal of the details of the in-bus drama, but it was long and meandering and I sense that I felt like most of the shenanigans were beneath me.

Then I dreamt that Sabian was my size and he was attacking me. He was batting at me and clearly trying to be playful, but I kept seeing those huge claws extend and cringing when they poked and ripped at me.

I didn't remember the Sabian part until this morning when I woke up and looked at him and had an inexplicable, fleeting sense of foreboding wash over me. Then it all came back.


theogeo said...

Little Sabs was probably boxing the shit out of your face while you slept.

Palm Tree said...

I call him Sabs, too! He's good about not doing that, but he could have been. Usually he cuddles in the crook of my arm and places little kitty kisses on my nose.