Last night's dream: All but evaporated

I have a bad habit of having incredibly long, meandering, detailed dreams, waking up, remembering everything, then falling back asleep and, upon waking again, forgetting all but the most incomprehensible bits.

Last night's dream, I remember, was a long one, with many plot twists and moments of frustration (I hate waking up with frustration left over from a dream).

Here are the bits I can remember:

• Being mad at Phil for what I perceived as deceiving me
• Opening up a Strunk&White's Guide to Style and seeing vaguely pornographic photos hidden inside, belonging to a fictional co-worker (the person didn't look like anyone I actually work with, but the sense was that I work with him)
• Being in an unfamiliar house with lots of rooms

Not a lot to work with there.


Anonymous said...

I woke up at 5am having the funeral dream, and remembered it vividly, but I really wanted to sink back into slumber. I could almost feel it slipping away as new stuff crept in, however, and I threw off my covers, brewed a pot of coffee, and blogged it.

I guess my point is...SLACKER!

Heh, just kidding. I usually keep a notebook right by my bed with a pen and when I wake up from fantastic dreams I jot them down from the comfort of my cozy bed. Maybe that would help with your recollection.

phallicpen said...

If I had porn, I would totally hide it in my stylebook. More like Crunk & White.

theogeo said...

Or JUNK & White. Hyuk!

TB, I've got paper and a pen beside the bed, but I am legally retarded within half an hour of waking up, and I doubt I could even operate a pen. But I'll work on it. :)