Maintenance note

It has come to my attention that this blog looks like creamed crap in Internet Explorer. Instead of all the sidebar crap being on the top and the content being down below in one wide-ass column, the sidebar should be on the, um, side and the content should be to the right in a nice, readable column. There should be a grey background behind it, which means you should be able to READ IT!

I have no earthly idea why it looks how it does, but somehow I've got the urge to blame George Bush.

So I'm going to set to work to see if I can make this damn thing compatible with IE.

And if I can't (my skillz are limited), then you should check this site out. It's the bomb diggity.


Anonymous said...

I've got IE, but the text just appears farther down than it should. The first post starts below where it should. ?

theogeo said...

Crap. I have no idea. It looks AWFUL on my version of IE, but it's a truly outdated version that I don't think anyone uses anymore.

Anyway, I'll have to look at it in IE for PC at work and see what I can do. I looked through the code and I can't find anything that would make the text bump down so far.