The Monster that Contained Fire

This was the nightmare that haunted my childhood. It arose, mostly, from watching Star Wars as a young child. (Imagine that I would grow up and collaborate on an anti-Star Wars comic!) I had this dream over and over again, and I would always wake up scared shitless and haul ass in my sleep shirt to wherever my mother was.

My grandfather, my mother, my father, and myself were in the living room of our old house. They were talking in hushed tones about something that was trying to get us. They saw a round shape sail past the living room window, and we all decided to freeze. Mom slid herself into the speaker stand of the entertainment center, Dad and my grandpa sat on the couch, and I - stupidly - leaned against the coffee table in the middle of the room. I just realized that I was out in the open when the screen door to our back porch slammed shut, and in rolled R2D2. This R2D2 was not a friendly, beeping robot, though. It was understood that this thing could and would incinerate anything that moved. I got scared, and when it rounded the kitchen table briefly out of sight I decided to make a run for my mother. But when I collapsed at her feet her eyes were wide and horrified, looking past my shoulder. I turned around and saw the Monster looming over me and my mother, about to burn us to bits. I realized that I led him to my mom, and I scream.


theogeo said...

I never had any Star Wars nightmares, thank god. That's incredibly weird.

Palm Tree said...

That's the first nightmare I remember having. It's funny now, but it terrified me then. I still remember my Mom's huge eyes, and the way her hair was when she was 25 - all from that nightmare.

phallicpen said...

R2D2 is a scary bastard. He's phallic, but in that short, stubby sort of way.