Creepy Crawlies

I'm not sure where I am, but I'm on the move, heading somewhere with something to do, and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and notice something hanging out of my nose. It's long and dark. I reach for it to remove it, and am met with resistance as it does not want to come out. It is attached to the inside of my nose, whatever it is.

A closer inspection reveals that it is a fekking MILLIPEDE up in my nose, attached with its little pinchers. So I tug hard to get that bastard out, and do a little dance of revulsion as I fling it onto a nearby table, where it proceeds to writhe on its back, unable to flip over onto its million little legs.


At some point after that, I am in my parents' kitchen, when I see another millipede crawling on the wall. And another millipede, FLYING AROUND (do millipedes even having wings?), heading straight for me. They are red and aggressive, and each is about two inches long. My mom and I realize that they are coming from inside a duct in the wall separating the kitchen and the stairs to the loft. We watch as another millipede worms its way through a small hole and takes flight in the kitchen. There have to be dozens flying around and crawling up the walls now.

You've not seen creepy until you've watched millipedes flying around, heading straight for your hair. It's fucking demonic!

Mom somehow pulls the infected duct through the small hole, and I imagine millions of millipedes writhing inside it, just waiting to be set free.

THANK GOD I wake up at some point before that happened.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ! That's just fucked.