Short but sweet

I'm crushing on an adolescent black boy who wears a retainer made of hay in my favorite picture of him. We have the same friends and all live together in one giant house. My father and stepmother also live there.

My crush and our friends and I go to the movies, where we're serenaded by a gospel choir prior to the film. The singers hand out beaded Sunday hats filled with sips of wine. I keep glancing over to my crush, who catches my eye and looks away. He's so young. I'm not sure how old I am, but my college roommate is there, just hanging out.

Next I'm in the bathtub trying to sludge through all my bathtub duties -- shaving, washing, scrubbing, conditioning -- but I fall asleep. I wake up upset because my family, friends, and crush have all enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner without me.

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