My Happy Place

Dr. Cox gave me naughty punishment sex all over my kitchen. It was ha-ha-ha-ha-hot. John C. McGinley is an attractive man, and right before bed I watched an interview with him wherein he stated that his character's whistling was just a bad habit (organic!!), and that he started calling Zach Braff women's names from the get-go, because Zach is a little bit of a girl (organic, again!!). So his two most attractive features are features that came from the man, not the writers. So I guess, in my I-need-a-sex-dream state, John C. McGinley and Zach Braff played rock paper scissors, and "Johnnie C." crushed Zach Braff's hand.

And I'm so glad he did because that's the hottest dream sex I've ever had. And I'd give details here, but it'd be dirty, dirty, dirrrrrty. God, so dirty.


theogeo said...

Sounds like your weekend of rest has proven ... beneficial. :)

If you're not gonna post the details, I demand that you at least e-mail them!

Anonymous said...

OK, you asked for it.

I edited the email, too. I can't help it. Some of it's just for me.

TVonthefritz said...

I don't know you, but send me that shit too.

TVonthefritz said...

I'll just imagine John C. McGinley. He's the only reason I watch Scrubs.

phallicpen said...

Ha ha ha! Joey, you're hilarious.

Dude, he IS hot. I want to know the dream too so it can lodge in my brain and give me one.

Get me high, PT.

Anonymous said...

OK, he's just fucking hot. There, I said it. I don't care if he's 47, LT, he's HOT!!!

And I just can't divulge the details. I sent LT pretty much the same thing I posted here, and it was so boring she didn't even reply. She probably fell asleep. Just imagine him flinging you around the kitchen, talking down to you, and repeatedly doing things that hurt so, so good. He's teaching you a lesson in that Dr. Cox way. Take it from there.

Ready? Go!

TVonthefritz said...

Oh. I thought you said just imagine him 'fingering you in the kitchen.'

I was like, "I already have."

theogeo said...

Hahaha, this is the best comment thread on this blog so far.