Big Kitty.

Last night I had another bout with a scary sleep paralysis situation, only this time it did not involve the hag I usually see. Instead, I dreamed/hallucinated two small slightly glowing eyes in the crack of the bathroom door, and I either then saw or understood that they belonged to a big cat, like a mountain lion. I credit this completely to having earlier viewed a forwarded e-mail of a mountain lion/cougar on someone's back porch. I couldn't move or scream (duhr, because that's what happens with sleep paralysis) but of course I awakened just before the cat pounced. This is obviously a clear case of a picture just getting lodged in my head and popping back up later. Its significance to me is that this is the ONLY time I can remember the hag not being part of the s.p.

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Anonymous said...

If indeed your hag has transformed, don't forget that there is still something that you need to face within that fear. Try to lucid dream it - program yourself and repeat to yourself that if you know the hag or the lion is there in the dream that you must confront it and that they cannot hurt you and are not there to hurt you. Both cats and hags (the goddess in her Crone manifestation - or the "been there, done that goddess," as the herb shoppe lady put it) are symbols of great wisdom. Whatever they tell you probably is something you need to hear anyway.