Something borrowed, something ... doesn't add up

I dreamed that my mother was planning some sort of all-day extravagant wedding celebration for herself and her new husband. They were going to get married in the morning, kick back and relax in the afternoon, then have a huge celebratory reception at night.

This night thing was supposed to be black tie. In my mind, I had already picked out what dress my mother should wear. It was daring but it's elegant. It was also very expensive.

My mother, on the other hand, was worried about costs and seeming snobbish spending all this money. So she picked out this kimono looking shapeless dress with pants underneath. It was white with black designs on it and it looked like pajamas. I mean it was like polyester made up to look like silky fabric with folds and creases still in it. And the pants underneath are just a smidge too short from where they should be.

Then she's wearing these abominations she called "shoes" that looked like she was trying to cover up bandaged feet and still wear wedge heels.

All this leads me to the conclusion that my mother is crazy and doesn't want to go through with the ceremony.

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