And another water dream from May 2006

Last night I dreamt of water again. It was flooding the earth, and our town was in a panic. I discovered that our shower was overflowing , and someone had just set a shower inside the old shower, and beneath water was flowing out from under. I shuddered at the thought of soap scum and mildew as I reached my hand inside to open the drain. I ran into Denise at the alien apartment complex where I just knew, as one does in dreams, that Danny and I lived. I marveled at the fact that Denise and I had never run into one another before. I was with Aimee, only everyone I knew drove a black Eclipse like mine. We drove around in one another's Eclipses, braving the floodwaters. Civilization had ceased function, and people ran through the streets and looted. Buildings had crumbled, and humankind was left to climb and jump over and through their fallen beams and arches. Brick walls served as streets and hallways, and cubby holes between collapsed edifices served as dwelling spaces. Some apartments still stood. Ours was quite crowded, but it didn't matter because I had things to do. I was free to do as I pleased, because there was no work or responsibility, no bills to pay, nothing to do but roam the earth. I knew we would all die soon from lack of clean water, but I didn't care. It was as if I had been given the gift of knowing a safe existence, and then a pass to go out with a bang in the midst of a post-apocolyptic dystopia. We giggled and drove through the chaos.
We were delighted to find that Target was open, only it wasn't really Target, but more like an expensive, high-end version of Target. I wandered through and marveled at all the beautiful, bountiful produce and food. I kept thinking of what I would cook and what I could create from all that food, but then I remembered that I had no money. I wandered through the kitchen table section and decided that the one Danny and I had chosen was better than all of them. I found a bureau with all these little Chinese boxes built into the top drawer, and I decided that I must have it. Someone had stickered it $419, and sometime after that someone had attempted to rip that sticker off.

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