Another water dream from June 2006

This time a college campus was flooded. Water was slowly rising. There was a music teacher who also taught English, and I waited on a concrete stoop outside his classroom and watched the backwaters rise.
A student indicated her displeasure about the professor’s assignment of 045 words. I laughed with him outside the classroom and said, “That’s, like, a paragraph!”
He said that he needed to take lessons from me because everyone says I do things like a black girl.
We wandered through the campus, but kept coming upon the wrecked ambulance in the flood water and I kept seeing the same scene over and over again. I was inside, and an EMT tech was hooking up a long, inflatable hose filled with oxygen. Trapped under the ambulance underwater were a male and female. The girl’s face turned red as we finally got them in. “Give her some oxygen!” I commanded, and she gratefully sucked in the air before collapsing on the ambulance floor.
We broke into the cab and discovered that the driver had drowned.
Then we ran into Lynnsie Condrey, and somehow she was involved in this cabin incident.
I had been lodged on a concrete beam, and I was applying a sticky tape in designs on the beams, yet my application of this tape served some vitally important purpose.
We fled the floodwaters and I found my wallet in the bushes. I had $11 dollars. We looked for a place to hail a taxi. I searched backward through other dreams and remembered that Dan’s ex had caught a taxi outside her dorm, so we headed there. Suddenly, Crystal was with us and sounded apprehensive when she asked, “How far up is it?”
I assured her that it was just over the hill.
I was remembering another dream wherein Savannah had been contorted into a darkened, psychotic version of itself, and I had continually gotten myself into tight, dead-end roads with my car, and the place was abandoned. I remembered that growing panic that I was utterly alone and utterly lost.
Then I was back on the stoop outside the classroom. I knew I had to get someplace before any band directors seeped into the dream. I knew they would be looking for me there, and I could not let them find me. The last time they found me in a dream things got worse.
I was off again, careful not to let my feet touch the water.
And then my alarm was going off.

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