Pot fueled dreams are the best

Trash filled the kitchen with a New England clam chowder stench.

But instead of retreating into my corner, I got down on my hands and knees and began rubbing the trash suggestively all over my hot body.

My roomie's empty milk carton? I rubbed that sonofabitch over my chest.
And if my roomies walked in, I would shoot them a come-hither stare.

"Whatcha doing, hon," I'd say as I rubbed the deflated box of frozen peas over my privates.

In real life, the catalyst for this dream was well, piled trash and pot.

Since myself and Kevin are the only ones who clean up the goddamn kitchen, I felt driven to ignore the stacked pizza boxes and encrusted dishes for oh, about a week. ("We'll see who breaks," I said to myself one night. "If these fucktards want to live in their own filth, by God, they will.")

But last night in RL (cough: real life), I walked into the stinking kitchen and said to myself, "I'm going to light up a doob."

So after watching god-awful Family Guy for an hour, the pot compelled me to clean the kitchen.

"You don't understand," I told my roomies in RL. "I'm bringing a sense of order into our apartment."

When passing down the hallways to the trash chute and peering up from behind a mound of rotting food, passersby would shoot me an informal greeting.

"Hey Joey, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing," I'd say. "I'm just bringing order to where there once was chaos."

They would shoot me a confused look as I continued to nutter on.

"You should try it sometime," I told them. "It's very liberating."


Petra said...


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I’ll add your blog to my trail next. Bye!

Petra :)

theogeo said...

Petra, You are a clever spambot. Thanks for stopping by.

Joey, that's hilarious. Also, I hate Family Guy too. You didn't say you hate it, but you said it was God-awful. I concur.

TVonthefritz said...

I also remember accusing the 18-year-old young man who I smoked pot with of stealing my spoons. As compensation for his pot, I brought over vegan chili and dinnerware. But I forgot, that my spoons had been plastic. "I know that my spoons are around here somewhere," I told him while digging through his sink. Ten minutes later, I realized that my spoons had been plastic. Sorry I felt this warranted a phone call. "In the trash chute, I had an epihany (sp)," I told him. "Apparently, as I recall, you didn't take my spoons." I wasted thirty minutes over a goddamn spoon.

theogeo said...

Crap, kiddo, I missed your call. I checked in early. I'll give you a ring tonight.

You and your damn spoons!