Last night I dreamed that someone hacked my blog password and posted all kinds of vagina-centric porn — close-ups of naughty bits shaven, unshaven, unaccompanied, and very busy.

Yes, that's right — I had a dream about a blog. The circle of stupidity is complete!

All I could think about was, are people going to be pissed at me when they open this blog at work and see giant photographs of nature's baby-making gateway? or will this give me some kind of porn liberal edge?

Just kidding. The latter never crossed my mind.


Anonymous said...

I blame the spam lords.

I recently had my MySpace password hacked and someone posted several bulletins about webcams and match sites.

I feel sheepish, now, when I log on. Because you know there are some people who didn't get my bulletin about the phony posts.

And another long-ass string to verify me with: lsxujfdn.

theogeo said...

You know, I wondered about that! But I never had the presence of mind to ask you about it. I am a bad MySpace friend.

Relatedly, if you ever see me post a bulletin, you can be sure I've been hacked.

Relatedly part two, guess who contacted me via MySpace today! One Crystal Wade, Outback waitress and UNA student! I was so excited to hear from her. Seems she's doing well.

phallicpen said...

I took those pictures for you to see.

theogeo said...

Ahhhh, you must have had the mole removed because I didn't recognize you.