Two Dreams, Two Rivers

Dream 1: I can't remember this dream as well. I'm with my dad's dad. He leaves his glasses on the bar. There is a birthday celebration going on. I fetch his glasses. He is making me laugh, and I'm wishing I had more time to spend with him. Someone is faking the depth of a river. Brooke and I dive in and thwart their evil plan to lie to the world. We can put our feet on the riverbed.

*alarm goes off. gets shut off. covers go over my head*

Dream 2: I am in some sort of castle by a river. I am with Dan (who later turns into Jeff). I am making note of the rising river, and listening to some bulletin about the river rising. "It is not!" He keeps arguing in a flat, skeptical tone. We are speaking in French. I notice that the bulletin icons on the computer screen turn into red caution bulletins (in the dream they are pretty scary). They warn of an impending surge. I finally convince Dan to get out of the castle, but he is Jeff now. But he jumps out on the OTHER side of the river. As I frantically look for the best way to get him across, the bulletins go silent (as if the little red robot sailboats that feed to them had floated up and out of range to escape the wave) and it just notes in blue text to get to shore and run with shoes on. People are floating by, submerged to the neck, unable to stop themselves. I begin to run, as does Jeff. The wave hits and I am washed around in the wake. I look back and the castle and entire hill on which the castle sat are gone. I thrash around in the mucky aftermath, and then spot the little mechanical bulletin boats back in the water, surveying the damage. Then I'm in the water, sort of effortlessly floating waist deep. I hear the bulletins calling names of people they encounter or find dead. But instead of the actual people there are manila folders floating in their places, with a script of what was being said that the time of the surge. I start to collect the ones that belong to Jeff. Each time I near it I hear what I was telling him. Then I get to the last one and I hear someone else's voice: the voice of the rescue boat worker that encountered him. I look at the stick figure drawing on the front of the folder in red as the man's voice confirms, "He was shot and killed."

I woke up with a start, my arms clinched across me as if I was clutching those manila folders.


phallicpen said...

I once dreamed someone wrote me a check for a lot of money. I woke up seeing the check on my pillow and tried to grab it as the image disappeared.

I vividly recall it sucking.

Palm Tree said...
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Palm Tree said...

The Here's-Lots-Of-Money Dreams are the worst to wake up from. I've had a few of those.

theogeo said...

I once woke up thinking I was fighting a demon baby. But it didn't offer me any money.