Definitely dreaming

The dude sitting across from me in a booth who we'll call Mike (from a previous dream) is totally charmed by me. I can see it in the way he looks at me with a grin — a genuine, toothy one. And by the way he is laughing at all my jokes and looking at me intensely. And by the way he says, "Lindsey, you need to come see my dorm room some time."

"Yes, I do," I reply, squirming in my seat. It's almost too much for me to handle, finally getting this guy's attention and him making a move like that.

He smiles at me. So fucking handsome. I smile back, wondering what that stubble's going to feel like later.


TVonthefritz said...

Whoever this "Mike" fellow is, he sure seems sexy. Jump his bones. That's my advice.

phallicpen said...

Booya. This kid might show up, you know. Life and dreams are fuck buddies.

theogeo said...

You two have infinitely more faith in The Universe than I do.