Baby you can drive my car

I'm driving through a town which looks distinctly European. The buildings aren't stacked too high and they've got that thick, older look to them. I can't see through my windshield save for a tiny opening at the bottom. I'm peering out through my steering column in order to drive. Suddenly I lose control of the car. My eyes are closed and I wait for a crunchy impact. When it doesn't arrive, I realize I must be careening off a bridge. Open your eyes, I think. Open your eyes. You're about to die and this is the last thing you'll see.

I obey myself and open my eyes. My bedside table is right where I left it.


theogeo said...

Arrrrgh! Fuck that dream!!

phallicpen said...

It was crazy. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, only without those awesome drugs.

But what a relief to see my snotty tissues and pile of books I've started then abandoned for one of my magnificent seven. Four. Okay, three. Okay, one. Damn, she's good.