Over and over

Last night when I was trying to fall asleep, as I hovered in that fragile state between full consciousness and the first cycles of black sleep, I kept dropping into the same dream at slightly different points and then forcing myself to wake up when I realized that I was having the same dream I'd had just a few minutes ago. This happened at least four times. The first time I forced myself to wake up just because. The second time, when I realized I was having the exact same dream as I'd just had, I forced myself to wake up because that was just too freaky. Then it kept happening. Falling back into that dream, starting it over and then making myself wake up because it felt wrong to go to sleep and enter into a used dream.

I didn't stop having that dream until I flipped over and fell asleep on my stomach.

And I can't remember what the dream was about. Just that I consciously took note of what was happening and, luckily, thought to myself, You have to blog about this.


Anonymous said...

That's weird! I don't think I've ever had that happen. Although sometimes when I lie down at night I get a sense of the dream I was having the night before, like a residue was left on the pillow.

theogeo said...

Yeah, I've had that happen too. Or I'll remember other totally forgotten dreams as I'm trying to remember specific parts of specific dreams.

But I've never repeated the same dream four or five times within the span of one night. And I wish I'd had my contacts in so I could have seen the clock and noted the time frame — hours or mere minutes. Pretty weird either way, I guess.