Death and the Olsens

My fellow students and I file into a classroom where the TV is on. One of the Olsen twins has died. Ashley, it seems. Mary Kate is on a stage with a whale's giant corpse. A sonogram revealed a skull in the whale's belly, so someone brought the creature up for Mary Kate to cut open. She ceremoniously slices it open with a knife and reveals the skull. A wrist bone is also found; she pulls a bracelet from her pocket and tries it on the remains. It fits and she concludes that Ashley was eaten by a whale. Not so, say scientists.

School is out and I'm in the backseat of my own car. I sense something terrible is about to happen, so I cover myself with a bright green afghan. A car pulls up behind the car parked next to mine and a passenger fires a machine gun at the rear windshield. The car pulls up behind my car and blasts mine as well. A man gets out of the car and comes around to the side window. He points the gun at me and fires over and over again. I feel the bullets hit my body, but I play dead by rolling my eyes into the back of my head. The car drives away and I get out of my destroyed car. It's now raining and I tremble my way into the parking lot where other students are terrified. Some of us are bleeding, but we're all alive and functioning. Despite the close range of my attacker, I'm not even wounded. I think, I'm lucky.

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