What You Don't Expect When You Order Male Strippers

At the end of a dream that involved lots of my school friends and current friends (Lindsey, Amber, Sarah, Allison, Lori, etc.) I segued into a sort of TV show called "What You Don't Expect When You Order Male Strippers." The theme was duck bills, apparently, and each skit started with a small group of frumpy ladies opening the door in frenzied anticipation, and then the What You Don't Expect part. There were several that involved duck bills, but I only remember the last one. The announcer said, "What you don't expect when you order male strippers." The ladies opened the door. Then a huge gang of black dudes went filing in. The announcer said, "Twelve brothers in duck bills who are wearing nothing but their instruments." And then I watched one by one as each guy in a duck bill made a cheesy pose for the camera, hiding his dangly things cleverly behind his instrument.