Chain of Fools

I blame Craig Brewer and Lindsey Turner.

Before I dozed off into beddy-bye land, I caught a dose of Mr. Brewer's Dirty South blaxploitation pic Black Snake Moan (released on March 2 with Justin Timberlake!), which features Christina Ricci chained to a rusty radiator. I also read a snarky e-mail by one Ms. Turner, a lethal double decker combo, my friend.

As luck would have it, I dreamt of Ms. Turner attached to a rusty 20-foot chain.

I don't remember much else except that an Al-Jazeera version of Johnny Cash was somehow involved.


Anonymous said...

The last three out of four dreams involve Lindsey.

Freud said every dream is a wish, which is total horse hockey, but if he was right then Fritz wishes Lindsey to be on the end of a 20-foot rusty chain, PP wants Lindsey to sleep in combat boots, and I want to enter into man-hating matrimony with her!

theogeo said...

Haha, I figure I can manage all that, as long as we can have the wedding in Fritz's dungeon. In combat boots.

phallicpen said...

What's with us and vicious assassins? Is that how you spell assassins? Are there two asses in assassins? What day is it?