Old Times' Sake

From 3/1/03

My cousin Autumn died. She came alive in her coffin as I was viewing her. She climbed out with evil, glowing eyes. She approached me and giggled. "I probably shouldn't have done that, should I?"

I was having a party hosted at my parents' house. From an overcrowded bar I was telling Alicia, Alanna, Heather, Dan, Al, etc. that the Hole singer Courtney Love would be there pre-party. Al and I walked through the halls of his "store," which featured jail cells that would soon hold the arrested parents of the dead children I would decorate my room and dungeon with. The dungeon-like basement had a fiery moat and gas flame strips.

I assisted a mother and father by guiding them to the place their son's severed body parts lay and helping them to sprinkle them beneath the bed and in the basement.

Ryan pulled up and I went into a frenzy of throwing clutter into a closet.

Dan and Ryan enter and go down to the basement.

The next morning I awaken and go to leave the still-sleeping partygoers (excepting Ryan, with whom I conversed) and left for work from my yard in Buffalo on a rainy, dim day in my 1994 Cavalier.

I was then at a Chinese buffet. Declining the meats and fats they offered, and accepting a slice of bread, a cup of coleslaw and a plate of coleslaw, I mentally reaffirmed I was on a diet.

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