Love Triangles

I was living in a dark, shadowy apartment complex. It was night, and everything was either midnight blue, black, or completely bathed in shadows. Two dogs were chained right outside my apartment door in the hall. Every time I emerged into the hallway the barking dogs would make a ferocious leap at me, only to be stopped short by their chains and yanked backwards.

Dan had two girlfriends besides me, and it was driving me insane. I kept trying to reason with him as to why he shouldn't be dating two other women at the same time, but he just kept telling me date details and how one of them loved him.

So I went out to find two more boyfriends. I felt suddenly exhilarated to be man-hunting. The first man I decided I was going to go out with was Mike Dalton. He's actually married in reality, but in my dream he was available.

And then there was the trainer with the sexy torso - Ken. I'm pretty sure he's taken in reality, too, but in my dream we were both lusting for one another, but didn't know it. We were sitting on a bed, talking, and I looked down at the sole of my shoe and thought how nice it was just to be spending time with him. And then he asked me some pivotal question (that I forgot, dammit!), and we started making out. But the kiss was awkward and kind of bad.

Then it was the next day and I was in some fictitious gym parking lot with my parents, trying to find him so I could introduce them to him. He came driving up in a black Eclipse (with the paint still on). I realized that I should have asked him out or something after we kissed. Then he walked through the parking lot with his bag and his lunch, etc, and I pointed him out to Brooke and Mom. There was some sub plot going on with my family that I can't remember at the moment.

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