Magical Menstruation

I had a recurring futuristic, apocalyptic dream last night. I can't remember the details (it was long and involved); only the part when I realized I'd been there before. A guy was looking into a fusebox-like fixture and turned to tell me that the menstrual blood of (some type of women, I forget) would resuscitate the fallen of the apocalypse. It would merge with their white blood cells and bring them back to life.


Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic here, but do you notice that the pics of Theogeo and PhallicPen are both outside, and the pics of me and Lady Sarah Saint are inside, with similar light? Weird.

theogeo said...

Menstrual blood in a dream? Did you, per chance, have a bloody mary before nodding off?


Anyhood, that about the photos is kinda weird. And then there's Joey, randomly snorting some sort of liquid off a bed.

I tried to get Sarah's photo to take on a sepia tone so it would look like an old picture of a ghost or something ("Lady Sarah Saint," see), but my Photoshop skillz came up short.

theogeo said...
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theogeo said...


See, that's funny because Hood is Joey's last name.

I love accidental funny.

sarah saint said...

This is probably TMI and I apologize, but I always dream about it before it starts. Maybe you're experiencing something similar?

I love that picture. Brandon took it. It's one of a series of very provocative images that will never be seen by anyone else without a massive quantity of alcohol being involved.

Anonymous said...

You always dream about your period before it comes? That's weird, in a mystical kind of way. I have to ask what kind of dreams they are, since this is a dream blog, and all. Like, rivers of blood, or a stained pair of white slacks? Let me in on these menstrual nighttime adventures.

Anonymous said...

And I've seen the full shot and it's definitely provocative. With your boobs all out.

Also, I think the word verification-bot discriminates against me. I always get these long-ass sequences. This one?


Anonymous said...

And, yeah that's long when you can't see well through your sub-par eyes and wine goggles.

sarah saint said...

When I dream about it, it's like reality. I cramp, get an "uh-oh" feeling, go check and sure enough. Every now and then there's a big issue about it in the dream, like it'll prevent me from doing something I want to do, but usually it's just a confirmation in a bathroom.

Most likely, I'm actually cramping in reality and my mind is like, "Hey- here's your warning. Put supplies in your purse in the morning." I can count on it.

And HA! You have not seen the other pictures. Just the one modest enough to post on Myspace. No nudity. Just more sensual in nature than anything I've ever allowed to be caught on film.

Using the word "sensual" makes me feel pervy.

theogeo said...

You dream about your period before you get it?


Seriously, though, I think your recurring period dreams sounds like fabulous fodder for post No. 2, ehhhhhh?

theogeo said...

Only special dreams get pluralized verbs.


TB, the comment moderation bot hates me too. To wit: tvkixdt

theogeo said...

Fuck it all. Should that be "singular verbs"? Sigh. Wine goggles.

TVonthefritz said...

Hey Lindsey,

If you get this, you don't have to call me tonight. I'm over my bitch phase. Right now, I'm at the limbo of acceptance followed by passive-aggressive tranquility.

sarah saint said...

Well, we're still about a week away.

Although last night I think I dreamt about tornadoes, which usually means the shit's about to hit the fan in my life. All I can remember is that it was about tornadoes, and that... oh, hell. How about I make a new post about it? Wish I had a dream blog handy.

TVonthefritz said...

Sometimes, I dream about Rapture, which usually means that Jeebus is coming to punish the unwed mothers and abortion doctors.

theogeo said...

Fritz, love, sorry I didn't call but my phone is taking a charge sleep right now. In my car.

Hopefully your crazy bitches have cooled off for a bit. Also, you dream about Rapture? The band? Verrrrry interesting. :)

Sarah, I eagerly await your tornado post. Leave it to a freaking dream blog to get you to smear your id all over the intertubes! Hee hee. :)

phallicpen said...

I never dream about my period because that would require my body to be in tune to my Almighty Ortho-Lo, which the surprise in my undies mid-cycle indicates it is clearly not.

There must be another way. My verification word is atklude. Sounds like an idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that you were right, Sarah. Only 25 days late, but it finally came yesterday.

Ha! My word is lihbya.